Prepared to Stand: The Armor of God for Kids {LESSON PLAN BOOK}


Teach kids to take God’s armor for themselves!

Get detailed lesson plans for the Armor of God together in one convenient eBook, so you don’t waste time searching for extra info.

Easily catch & keep kids’ attention with these lessons. Then initiate meaningful conversation to help kids remember & apply biblical truth!

Product Details

  • Age range: 6-12 years
  • Grade level: 1-6
  • eBook: 40 pages


Prepared to Stand: The Armor of God for Kids {LESSON PLAN BOOK}

Creatively & confidently teach kids the Armor of God!

  • Get lesson plans for all six pieces of armor together in one convenient eBook, so you can look them all over at once!
  • Teach with confidence using these expanded lesson plans, which include plenty of detail (plus helpful instructions for you).
  • Each lesson begins with an interesting activity, question, or visual aid. You’ll never stress over how to get your kids’ attention with these lesson plans!
  • Lessons follow an organized sequence of thought, so you won’t struggle to keep your kids engaged throughout your lesson.
  • Each lesson plan includes review questions you can use to make sure that your kids actually understand and remember the important parts.
  • Each lesson also includes a discussion guide, so you can initiate meaningful conversations without worrying about what to say.
  • Discussion guides provide prompts for both believing and unbelieving kids, so you don’t have to worry about being irrelevant.
  • Visual aids are simple and inexpensive. You won’t waste time or money on specialty items.
  • Lesson plans are designed to teach biblical principles in a way that is both memorable and applicable, so that your lessons actually make a difference in your kids’ lives!

About the Author:

  • I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies
  • I’m a certified Montessori teacher
  • I have 10+ years of experience teaching kids’ Bible clubs
  • I’ve served as Program Director and Activities Director at Bible camps for 10+ years

All of my lesson plans are backed by my training in Bible study. And all my teaching tips come from years of actually sharing biblical truths with kids.

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