God Keeps His Promises: Lessons from the Life of Jacob {Lesson Plan Book}


Change lives with detailed, relevant lessons from the life of Jacob
(that actually make sense to kids!)

Seven lessons from Genesis on the life of Jacob. Truly biblical lessons—no “editing” needed.

Detailed, word-for-word lesson plans. Explain Scriptural concepts in simple terms.

A key thought for each lesson. Focus on a single main point.

A key verse for each lesson. Share God’s actual Word!

Devotional thoughts for you. Teach with a prepared heart.

Strategic questions & engaging illustrations. Show kids how the lesson is relevant to them personally.

Instant download. Get started right away!

Product Details

  • Age range: 8-12 years
  • Grade level: 3-6
  • eBook: 63 pages



Change lives with detailed, relevant Bible lessons that actually make sense to kids!

God Keeps His Promises is an eBook of super-detailed lesson plans for teaching elementary kids about the life of Jacob.

Every lesson plan in God Keeps His Promises includes:

  • The Bible passage the lesson is taken from—so you know that every lesson is grounded in Scripture.
  • The key thought of the lesson. You’ll always know exactly what the main point of your lesson is supposed to be.
  • A key verse for the lesson, so you don’t waste time searching for the perfect memory verse.
  • A lesson overview outline, so you can survey the entire lesson at a glance.
  • A few devotional thoughts for you, so your heart is prepared for teaching.
  • A step-by-step guide for teaching the lesson, so you don’t have to worry about how to organize your lesson or what to say next.
  • Strategic questions & engaging illustrations to show your kids how the lesson is relevant to them personally.

Lessons included in God Keeps His Promises:

  1. Jacob’s Mother {Genesis 24:1-67}
  2. Esau & Jacob {Genesis 25:19-34 & 27:1-40}
  3. God’s Promise to Jacob {Genesis 27:41-28:22}
  4. Jacob’s Marriages {Genesis 29:1-30}
  5. Jacob’s Family, Flocks, & Flight {Genesis 29:31-31:55}
  6. Jacob’s Struggle {Genesis 32:3-32}
  7. Jacob’s Return {Genesis 33 & 35}

Here’s what you need to know about the lesson plans in God Keeps His Promises:

  • Super-detailed. You don’t have to worry about how to start, which questions to ask, or what to say next. It’s all written out for you!
  • Simple. No late-night runs to Hobby Lobby required—you don’t need any specialty materials for these lessons!
  • Engaging. Simple doesn’t mean boring. Use visual aids, examples, and mini-activities to keep your kids interested throughout the whole lesson.
  • Focused. These aren’t just cute stories. Every lesson is laser-focused on teaching one vital truth to your kids.
  • Life-changing. Don’t just share info with your kids. Show them how God’s Word applies to their lives!

About the Author:

  • I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies
  • I’m a certified Montessori teacher
  • I have 10+ years of experience teaching kids’ Bible clubs
  • I’ve served as Program Director and Activities Director at Bible camps for 10+ years

All of my lesson plans are backed by my training in Bible study. And all my teaching tips come from years of actually sharing biblical truths with kids.

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