Prepared to Stand: The Armor of God for Kids {STUDENT WORKBOOK}


Teach kids to take God’s Armor for themselves!

The things your kids remember will shape the rest of their lives. So use the six fun worksheets in this Student Workbook to cement the Armor of God in their minds.

Your kids will love the mini activities and crafts on each worksheet! And you’ll love how easy it is to prep.

Product Details

  • Age range: 8-12 years
  • Grade level: K-6
  • eBook: 12 pages


Prepared to Stand: The Armor of God for Kids {STUDENT WORKBOOK}

Kids remember best what they do themselves.

And the things they remember shape the rest of their lives.

You could change a child’s life if you help him remember God’s truth!

So when you teach the Armor of God, get your kids involved.

Get them thinking. Get their hands moving.


Use the Student Workbook for Prepared to Stand!

Here’s what you’ll get in the Student Workbook:

  • A handy printable of Ephesians 6:10-20
  • A fun, interactive worksheet for each piece of armor

Your kids will love the creative mini activities and crafts throughout the Student Workbook. They won’t even realize that they’re cementing biblical truth in their minds as they complete the worksheets!

And you’ll love how fast and easy it is to prep! Simply print as many copies as you need and supply markers/crayons, scissors, and tape/glue. Then let your kids go at it.

Plus, you’ll have the joy of knowing that you’re helping your kids understand and remember how they can take God’s armor for themselves!

About the Author:

  • I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Biblical Studies
  • I’m a certified Montessori teacher
  • I have 10+ years of experience teaching kids’ Bible clubs
  • I’ve served as Program Director and Activities Director at Bible camps for 10+ years

All of my lesson plans are backed by my training in Bible study. And all my teaching tips come from years of actually sharing biblical truths with kids.

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